Custom Scripts II: Dot auto label

This script is prefect for camera projection based projects. It allows to have a clean and organised Nuke file very easily. After launching this script all the new dots check if they are connected to a camera, if so, they display the name and the label of that camera and hide the input, if not, they behave as usual.

def dot_label_auto():
    sel_node = nuke.selectedNode()
    input_class = sel_node.input(0).Class()
    if input_class == 'Camera2':
        input_name = sel_node.input(0).name()
        input_label = sel_node.input(0).knob('label').getValue()
        sel_node.knob('label').setValue(input_name + '<br/>' + input_label)

nuke.knobDefault('Dot.label','[if [exists input] {[python dot_label_auto(); set dotLabel [value label]; return $dotLabel]} else {return ""}]')

You can use this script by copying and launching it in Nuke’s Script Editor.

If you need any help or you any suggestion to improve it, please feel free to contact me.

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