Custom Scripts III: Camera labeling for CaraVR

This is my first script for CaraVR! 🙂 It’s very simple but it helps me a lot when I’m working with c_camerasolver and c_stitch separation workflows.

The problem is that when you execute actions like “STMaps (separate)” or “Transforms (separate)”, Nuke creates a lot of nodes without labeling, so you must go and check one by one, which node stream corresponds to each camera. This scripts creates an automatic labeling based on the camera, so it makes the project easy and quick to read.

Here it is:

def caravr_labeling():
    for i in nuke.allNodes('OneView'):
        i.knob('label').setValue("[python {nuke.thisNode().knob('view').value().upper()}]")
    for j in nuke.allNodes('C_STMap1_0'):
        j.knob('label').setValue('[python nuke.thisNode().input(1).knob("view").value().upper()]')

As said, very simple, but useful.

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