Custom Scripts IV: Roto Extractor

Another script šŸ™‚ This one is called RotoExtractor and it extracts all the roto shapes (with their own animation) individualy and places them in a new roto node with a label to indicate what roto shape has been extracted there.

Here it is:

def rotoExtractor():
    import copy
    for i in nuke.selectedNodes():
        roto_curves = i['curves']
        roto_root_layer = roto_curves.rootLayer
        roto_list = []
        for roto_shape in  roto_root_layer:
            roto_shape_name =
        roto_list_number = len(roto_list)
        hero_roto_shape = 0
        for roto_shape in roto_root_layer:
            roto_name =
            new_roto = nuke.selectedNode()
            new_roto_curves = new_roto['curves']
            new_roto_root_layer = new_roto_curves.rootLayer
            for new_roto_shape in new_roto_root_layer:
                new_roto_shape_name =
                if new_roto_shape_name != roto_list[hero_roto_shape]:
                    roto_shape_cp_list = []
                    for cp in new_roto_curves.toElement(new_roto_shape_name):
                    roto_shape_cp_number = len(roto_shape_cp_list)
                    while roto_shape_cp_number >= 1:
                        roto_shape_cp_number = roto_shape_cp_number - 1
            hero_roto_shape = hero_roto_shape + 1


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