Custom Scripts VII: Quick custom backdrop

I love to keep my nodegraph tidy and organize, so I use to pack nodes related to certain tasks in backdrops with titles. I don’t like the randomness of the backdrop color that Nuke has by default. I created a hotkey (Shift+1) and linked this script to it.

This script creates a backdrop with certain default attributes (color and label, in this case) grouping a node selection, allowing me to organize my nodegraph quicker.

def bg_preset01():
    selNodes = nuke.selectedNodes()
    nodeGroup = []
    for nodes in selNodes:
    bg = nuke.createNode('BackdropNode', inpanel=False)
    padding = 50
    bgX = min([nuke.toNode(i).xpos() for i in nodeGroup]) - padding
    bgY = min([nuke.toNode(i).ypos() for i in nodeGroup]) - padding
    bgW = max([nuke.toNode(i).xpos() + nuke.toNode(i).screenWidth() for i in nodeGroup]) - bgX + padding
    bgH = max([nuke.toNode(i).ypos() + nuke.toNode(i).screenHeight() for i in nodeGroup]) - bgY + padding

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