Custom Scripts VI: Quick label changer

Steps of Label Changer script
By default, Nuke has a quick way of changing the name of the nodes by pressing ‘N’. However, I don’t use it at all because I don’t think that changing nodes’ names is a good idea. I always let the name as it is and change the label.

This way I avoid problems related to coding or expressions. As I change the label of nodes quite often, I realized that I needed a quick way of achieving that, so I created this function that opens a window where I can edit the label of a node and linked it to hotkey ‘N’. In addition, this functions has some extra features that I used to do by hand.

def setLabel():
    txt = nuke.getInput('Change Label', '')
    if txt:
        sNodeClass = nuke.selectedNode().Class()
        if sNodeClass == 'BackdropNode':
            txt = '<center>'+txt
        elif sNodeClass == 'Dot':

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