Artstation Wild West Challenge: Film Character Art

ArtStation Challenges Wild West
ArtStation Challenges: Wild West

Hi there!

I decided to join Artstation’s Wild West Challenge in Film Character Art category. In this blog post, I will be posting my progress and WIP images. If you prefer, you can also follow my progress here.

#004# – UV TIME

Hi there,

I know that the challenge finished almost a year ago. Unfortunately, I was too busy at work to invest the time needed to properly finish this character. However, I have decided to keep working on it in my spare time. My aim at this point is to finish both the shotgun and the sheriff badge.

I have spent a couple of hours this week to layout the uvs of the shotgun. Here you have some quick renders with a checker pattern. I’m not 100% happy with the way I have separated the shelves, but if modifications are required I will make them on the go.

UV layout for the shotgun
UV layout for the shotgun

#003# – Cactus Splitter

Hi guys,

Cactus Splitter is ready for texturing smiley

I will start with the general shapes and the blocking of the character the following days.

Cactus Splitter modeling by Xabier Arrieta
Cactus Splitter modeling
Cactus Splitter modeling with wireframe by Xabier Arrieta
Cactus Splitter modeling with wireframe

#002# – Shotgun blocking


I just started blocking the main shapes of the Cactus Splitter, just to see how the different widths of the pieces work in combination with each other. Next step: modeling.

As always and in every step of the process, C&C are welcome!

Blocking of 'Cactus Splitter' shotgun by Xabier Arrieta
Blocking of ‘Cactus Splitter’ shotgun

#001# – Let’s begin

Good morning,

this is the first prop for the asset: the sheriff badge. I was thinking of adding a fastener or a hook to it, that way it could be fastened to the hat even if the character gets involved in serious action events (fights, shootings,… normal stuff in Wild West), but I’m not sure… what do you think?

The next prop will be the double barrel shotgun called ‘Cactus Splitter’.

Sheriff badge modeling WIP image by Xabier Arrieta
Sheriff badge modeling WIP image

#000# – Base Concept

Hi there,

I was looking at the submissions for the character concept challenge when I found Michael Mowat‘s awesome concept for a character called Colt. It blew my mind and right after seeing it, I decided that I should try and join the challenge myself.

So I will try to bring this amazing badass lawman to life smiley

Colt Concept Art
Michael Mowat’s concept art for Colt

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